Disney Interactive Has Lost $1.25B In The Past Year And A Half

Posted by on October 30, 2012 at 2:30 pm

It’s all Goofy’s fault.

Disney just can’t figure out how to make non-Disney games. For years, the company’s animation business had been over a barrel following Katzenberg’s departure, but Pixar eventually righted the good ship. Unfortunately, their game publishing business has not been so successful, having lost money for the past 18 consecutive months, ultimately bleeding $1.25 billion from the parent company.

That Disney Interactive Studios has been losing so much money is more bitter than sweet. For decades, the company has published plenty of Disney-related dreck over the years, but they’ve had a few hits, too. When Disney merged their gaming and internet groups in 2008, the company took this new lease on life to take some dares on new, original titles. As a result, we got Split/Second by Blackrock, who had previously developed biking game Pure, Epic Mickey by Deus Ex-man Warren Spector, and a Turok reimagining. While Epic Mickey was a bit a disappointing, it captured enough hearts (and dollars) to justify a next-generation sequel. Unfortunately, Split/Second didn’t land in enough consoles and Turok was awful. You may know Disney Interactive these days for online games like Club Penguin and Pirates of the Caribbean Online instead of any actual game you might buy.

Looks like DIS needs its own Lasseter to set things right.

Source: Business Insider

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