Gamersuggestions Wants To Connect Gamers & Developers Together For an Easier Way to Provide Suggestions

Posted by on October 22, 2012 at 7:49 pm


One thing that the gaming industry certainly lacks is a way for the average gamers to provide feedback to developers. wants to change that. Currently if you want to make a suggestion, you can email the developers and hope to hear something back. You can also register on developers specific forums if they provide them and post on there. This isn’t guaranteed to be seen and is a pain in the ass.

One of the better ways I’ve seen people make suggestions is through reddit, specifically in the Minecraft subreddit, people will make a suggestion or complain about something and the developers from Mojang actually respond. gives everyone a home to post and vote for suggestions in a central location. Not only can you make suggestions and vote, you can see and review games. The site has only been around for a few months and already has thousands of gamers and developers sharing and receiving feedback so what are you waiting for, go check out now.

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