Get Your Hands On Some Hairy Balls

Posted by on October 11, 2012 at 5:54 pm

Hairy balls! Get your hairy balls here!

Yep, you read that right. You can now get your hot little hands on some hairy balls. Once you’ve done that, you can roll them around, play with them, and feed them ding-dongs. Just make sure you don’t end up getting addicted to hairy balls because I’m pretty sure there’s no support group for that.

Redtribe, a fast growing game development studio from Australia has announced that they are releasing hairy balls just so you can get your hands on them. Hairy Balls is available for iPhone and iPad across North America, can be found on the App Store and can be downloaded and played with for free.

“We spent a lot of time tweaking Hairy Balls to ensure a balanced experience.” said Chris Mosely, CEO, REDTRIBE. “The response has been surprising. People can’t wait to get their hands on them and have a play. Early tests indicate that the game is quite challenging. The Flurry stats (game stats) indicate people are playing the game for hours and hours, day after day. Once you start playing with Hairy Balls it seems you can’t stop.”

Hairy Balls is a puzzle game which challenges players to strategically move their balls around and get them in position to take a bite out of like-colored“Agaricus Dingdongalus,“ commonly called Ding-Dong mushrooms, in a limited amount of turns. The player will have access to red, yellow, purple and – you guessed it – blue balls. The game tasks players with the goal of thinking many steps ahead while planning each of their moves in order to make sure that all of their hairy balls are matched up with the appropriately colored ding-dong.

The easy to learn game offers a great deal of depth of play and dares puzzlers to move each fuzzy ball in the right sequence to reach their goal.

Get on over to the app store and get yourself a fistful of hairy balls today…And check out the trailer below.

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