Mobile Gaming Roundup – Zombies And Dolphins And Villages, OH MY!

Posted by on October 4, 2012 at 5:23 pm

Take it on the run, baby!

Every day we’re seeing more and more mobile gaming being developed for those of you who prefer to game on the run. We will be doing regular roundups of all of the new mobile gaming announcements that come out from all of the various developers who put together these little gems of gaming goodness for all of us to enjoy.

Here’s what we have for today’s offering.

HappyGiant Releases New Screenshots of its Highly Anticipated Dolphin Paradise: Wild Friends For iOS.

As the buzz surrounding the upcoming 3D pet-sim Dolphin Paradise: Wild Friends from HappyGiant grows, the developer today released a new set of screens to showcase its hyper-realistic graphics.

Mike Levine, President and Founder of HappyGiant, was inspired years ago when he was lucky enough to swim with wild dolphins in Kaikoura, New Zealand. He was so mesmerized with their grace and wild beauty, he held onto the idea to eventually turn it into a virtual experience. The development studio spent a tremendous amount of time combining beautiful visuals with pet-sim care, nurturing and trick training to create an engaging game loop. The overall effect is a magical “bonding experience” for players and their dolphins.

Bluesky Aerial Photos used to Map Zombie Attacks

Zombie attacks are being played out against a backdrop of aerial photography from Bluesky, with help from Binary Space’s “Zombie Outbreak Simulator” iPhone app. Players around the world can simulate zombies attacking locations within the UK, controlling, for example, zombie numbers, speed, weapon accuracy and infection times. The aerial photomaps provided by Bluesky allow players to view the unfolding conflicts in real world context, with detail including building access, parked cars and even people!

“When we ported Zombie Outbreak Simulator to the iPhone we were still using Google Maps,” commented developer Jay Weston of Binary Space. “Unfortunately Apple announced they were dropping support for it so we had to come up with a solution – fast! We tried scouring the Internet for alternatives but were unable to find images that were of sufficient quality and at a high enough resolution, nor, in most cases, could we see what we were getting.”

The first social competitive game of the App Store dashes forth!

Heliceum, a company specialized in the development and publishing of digital content for Smartphone and tablets, today announced RunSanity, a kick-ass social and competitive game unlike anything else players have seen. The brand new and innovative video game is headed to the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad later this month.

RunSanity’s Challenge Mode is unique because it allows you to challenge your friends not only through leaderboards, but also directly and instantly through your favorite social network. Thanks to the unique “Ghost System”, you can pick a friend via Facebook and instantly send the ghost of your character playing the race amidst his or her screen – and bet on your victory with your in-game currency. By accepting this challenge, your friend-turned-foe will compete with the ghost of your character featuring the race you just played. 100% adrenalin guaranteed!

Welcome to Cloud Village!

Zattikka Plc and Sneaky Games are thrilled to announce that the long-awaited Cloud Village is now available on iPhones and iPads!

Available for free on the App Store, Cloud Village introduces players to a race of elf-like creatures, known as the Cloudlings. They’ve had their village destroyed by an evil curse, and it’s up to players to create a brand new one for them, in a whole new location with limitless possibilities!

Constructing your dream village is achieved through a variety of entertaining gameplay elements: you’ll be asked to complete quests, grow vegetables and play exciting minigames! It’s gorgeously styled in the fashion of a children’s fantasy book, and your village can be customised with a plethora of beautiful decorations, buildings and plants- many of which can be traded with friends via GameCenter.

And that’s going to wrap it up for today, folks. Check back regularly for more mobile gaming goodness!

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