PAX East Three-Day Passes Sell Out In One, Good Luck Getting One Now

Posted by on October 10, 2012 at 8:04 am

Cute girls: included. You: probably not.

Let’s be clear, ladies and gentlemen, PAX East doesn’t even start for over five more months and yet with just over twenty-four hours on the clock, all of the convention’s three-day passes are completely sold out. Those planning to go must now purchase single-day passes and no doubt, those will be gone quick as well. Wow. Incredibly, the only thing halting the size of both PAX East in Boston and PAX Prime in Seattle is literally the physical size of the venues that contain them.

If you’ve never been to a PAX, and I haven’t, it’s the opposite of something like E3, something more like a Comic-Con. It’s a place where gamers can get together, cosplay, and play across a galaxy of different platforms. It’s NerdCon, literally, and it’s open to anyone who can buy tickets, versus a media-0nly event where only certain people should attend. Obviously FEZ won’t be at PAX East (drat!), but we dream of PAX Australia, the international debut of the Penny Arcade-originated conventions, a few months later in July. Of course, at this rate, it sounds like that’ll be selling out just as fast…

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