PID Now Available On XBLA and PC

Posted by on October 31, 2012 at 4:05 pm

I don’t know what “Pid” Means but it looks pretty cool.

The new genre defying game “Pid” has been on the tongues of many of the past several months as Might and Delight has been working to get this new adventure game polished up and released to the masses. Now it has finally released and we have the release trailer here, which shows many of the gameplay elements and gives us a great idea what the story is about.

It seems that some evil guy has taken over the planet on which our hero has become stranded and has everyone under some sort of spell to keep them from going after him with torches and pitchforks. On top of that, he has employed everyone who is powerful enough to resist his charms and has them under his thumb.

Enter our hero – a ball-cap and backpack wearing kid who sets off on an epic adventure to stop the bad man and bring tranquility to this place.

Pid is part platformer, part adventure, part maze-game, part puzzle game and looks brilliant with its crisp graphics and atmosphere. Might and delight has announced that it has been released today so now all of you can get in on XBLA, PC and Mac for the low-low price of $20.

For that kind of coin, how could you not?

About Pid:

Pid harkens back to old-school platformers  Everything about Pid is fresh and exhilarating, but that doesn’t mean Might and Delight has forgotten its roots. Hair-trigger timing, complex platforming, and simple concepts such as holding jump for greater heights makes for a classic platforming experience.

More than one way to jump a spike pit  Clever puzzles, mixed with a need for platform savvy, make for tricky challenges. Players use lightbeams to defy gravity and transport the young hero, Kurt, from spot to spot. When used in tandem, the combination provides a dynamic range of solutions for every obstacle.

A strange world is less overwhelming with a friend  With a fellow traveler in co-op mode, finding the way home in a new world feels much less lonely. Joined by a stranded youngin’ named Audrey, the adventure becomes that much more memorable as players cooperatively team up to find their way.

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