Planetside 2 Release Date Announced And Other News

Posted by on October 19, 2012 at 2:58 pm

It’s coming…SOON.

Sony Online Entertainment last night announced the official release date for Planetside 2, in their keynote address at SOE live. In that keynote address, they also handed out some great information regarding the future of the the game, once it is launched, and their plans to continue supporting it with content updates and expansions for years to come.

And the release date is…

November 20th, 2012, according to Sony Online Entertainment’s president John Smedley.

It was also announced that the third continent, Amerish, will be in and playable before release and that multiple other continents are to come, including Searhus, Oshur and Hossir. Those extra continents will be the first of many new continents to be released after the game goes live.

Also announced were several new vehicles, including snowmobiles, buggies (like the harasser) and a snow-car version of the Sunderer. We can assume that the snow based vehicles will maneuver much better on ice continents like Esamir and will make sure that your squadmates arrive in style, while wearing their customized outfit uniforms, complete with fully customizable outfit decals. Yeah, that’s hot.

Matt Higby and Trammel Isaac also talked about player owned bases and the idea that outfits will be able to design and build those on their own, which is an incredible idea. The players I know can’t wait to get their hands on the ability to do that.

Some more things which have been announced include the removal of Auraxium, the in-game currency, as a method of buying new weapons. That will now be done with certification points. Auraxium has been removed from the game.

Last, but not least, it was announced that players who buy in to the Alpha Squad package will be able to reserve their names for game launch. Those players will receive an email before release which will instruct them as to how to reserve their name. No more worries about some n00b gaffling your handle when it’s time to get official.

Of course more news will be released before the game drops on November 20th so make sure you check back for updates.

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