Planetside 2 Update – New Continent, Esamir – With Video

Posted by on October 5, 2012 at 3:34 pm

SNOWBALL FIGHT!!! No, seriously…They need to let us have snowball fights.

Planetside 2 adding a new continent? Well, we’ve known it’s coming for some time now but now we know it’s going to happen within the next 24 hours, according to Matt Higby and John Smedley. The new continent of Esamir is coming with the next beta patch (along with a character wipe so be ready for it) and we’re all over this one.

First off, we have some official video from Sony Online Entertainment which shows off the new ice continent. We also have some details about the continent itself.

First, the number of capture points has been dramatically reduced. This continent isn’t going to be as zerg-friendly as the main continent because there’s a LOT of space between the tech labs, biolabs and amp stations. That means massive warfare between those points and that means tons of action for everyone’s face!

Next, we know that an entirely new capture mechanic is being added to the game which is going to change the way shield generators and spawn control units are taken offline. No more running in with a few guys and knocking them out in 5 seconds, NO! This is going to totally change base-capture warfare and that, my friends, is an awesome thing!

Finally, it looks like we’re going to get a bunch more vehicle and weapon certs as well as…

Brace for it…

Weapon sidegrades! New LMG’s, Carbines and Rifles for everyone, because HELL YEAH!

Here’s the video we got ahold of. After that is a quick snippet from the press release we got which talks about all this stuff so check it out and get your asses in there and play!

Oh, one other thing…There’s going to be another round of beta invites in the next 24-48 hours AND they’re starting this round off with 1 US and 1 EU server, for load testing so that means the battles are going to be MASSIVE.

See you there.

Central Orders: Attention Soldier,

This weekend, Sony Online Entertainment orders you to report to battle in PlanetSide 2 on the newly discovered Auraxian continent of Esamir. Members of the command are hereby directed to advance their troops to the nearest warpgate terminal and head out to claim the icy tundra of Esamir for their Empire.
On Esamir, base capture methods will be adjusted — strategize accordingly. Shield generators won’t be disabled as easily, so expect to run an overload process to secure victory. Additionally, soldiers will have new certifications to handle vehicles and weapons better, along with new sidegrades (LMGs, Carbines, Assault/Sniper Rifles) for each empire.

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