Ravaged – Beta Impressions

Posted by on October 12, 2012 at 9:38 pm

Fallout Meets Team Fortress? OK!

Today I got a chance to sit down and play 2 dawn’s new title Ravaged – which is in beta – and spend some time with the developers getting a feel for the game. After a couple of hours of lone-wolf play time I hopped in with the group from 2 dawn to get down team-style and put some bullets in some dev faces.

What did I think about it? We’ll, I’ll tell ya!

My first impression of the game is that it reminds me of many other “room” based shooters. When you log in, you’re presented with a list of servers which you can choose from and can scroll through them until you find one which is running the type of game you want to get in on. From there, you enter the server and are placed in a holding pattern until it is time for you to spawn up and start getting down on people’s grills.

Once you are able to spawn, you’re presented with some fairly large levels. The game certainly isn’t stricken with a lack of square footage on the maps and the open style means there’s going to be a lot of medium to long range danger so you have to be on your toes at all times. You’ll also notice that the game is full of vehicles. Three wheeled ATV’s (with the single wheel in the back), quads, cars, jeeps, pick-em-up trucks, ultra-light styled whirly-birds (a-la The Road Warrior). All of the aforementioned vehicles are armed to the teeth with machine guns and grenade launchers and rocket pods and you’ll also proper helicopters with rocket pods on them.

The driving is as simple and straight forward as can be. WASD is the way and you’ll figure it out from there. As for flying those choppers…well that’s another story entirely. Flying is NOT an easy thing and even though I was able to figure out how to keep a chopper in the air and even score some kills with it, it’s not one of those things that you can just jump in and do…It’s going to take lots of practice to get it right.

The gameplay is smooth and the graphics are crisp. The sound is awesome, with everything being represented accurately and ambient sounds that rock my socks. No character class seems to me overpowered and since you have the ability to shoot the driver / pilot of a vehicle while they’re in the vehicle, even those don’t sway the battle too far (and people are in vehicles constantly in Ravaged).

At this point that’s all I can really tell you without starting down the NDA / Embargo path but stay tuned in the next few days for a full review with video and assorted bad-assery. And, off the record, Ravaged is a lot of fun. If you’re a FPS fan, you’ll love it.

More later!

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