Valve Wants You to Visit Their HQ & Playtest Games & Hardware!

Posted by on October 10, 2012 at 5:58 pm

HL3, maybe?

This is like every gamers dream right here. How would you like to visit Valve headquarters and I don’t know play some games that aren’t released or mess with some hardware prototypes? Well you’re in luck because Valve wants people, just like you, maybe. I’m not really sure. Look I don’t work for Valve, I’m just letting you know, ok?

It’s no secret that Valve is working on their own console and a VR device. This would be so cool to actually play with before anyone else. If you’re selected then you can always have that over your friends. It would win any conversation and you could probably get mass karma on reddit. This is how an argument would be won. “Well did you get to play Half-Life 3?” Then your friends would be all like “What? You got to play Half-Life 3?” And then you would say, “I may or may not have played Half-Life 3, I can’t tell you because I’m under NDA.” Boom. You just won right there!

So how does this happen for you? First you need to take the Playtester survey which you can find here. If you aren’t local to the Seattle area you probably don’t have that good of a chance, they’re not paying for you to fly out or anything. But, fill it out anyway because they are planning remote playtest in the future. Also, this is only for US people as they don’t have any international plans, yet.

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