Worms Revolution Review: Bringing Back Classic Gaming Fun

Posted by on October 5, 2012 at 8:41 pm

The classiest Worms yet!

Worms Revolution is a new game coming to XBLA, PSN and PC October 10th for 1200 MSP or $14.99 respectively from Team17 Software. I haven’t played Worms in years, YEARS. The other Worms titles that have hit XBLA kind of skipped over me but when I heard of Worms Revolution I knew I had to jump on it. The game has the same feel as the classic Worms games but it just looks better and has incorporated more to the game. There are several game modes to play; campaign, puzzle, versus and online. Each one has it’s ups and downsides and I think people will figure out which game mode they like best and stick to it for a while.

I recommend everyone start on the campaign mode’s tutorials. Before I did that I jumped right into a versus match with Nick and neither of us had any idea how to play or what did what and that took the fun away a little bit. Worms Revolution has a class system to choose from. The Soldier is your standard worm, you can’t go wrong with that guy. The other to choose are Scouts, Heavy’s and Scientists. Scouts are the smallest and fastest worms, able to crawl in tight spaces, jump higher and further. The downside to these guys is they deal less damage than other classes and seem to take more damage. The Heavy’s on the other had are the big bad worm, they deal the most damage and absorb more damage. Their downside? They are slow and can’t jump for shit. Then you have the Scientist, this is your support class. The Scientist will give everyone 5+ HP every turn they take and they make stronger turrets and electro magnets.

This level was pissing me off!

After the tutorial in the campaign you face off with enemies that are fighting back. The campaign quickly gets more difficult. I think I was stuck on this level for two hours. It gets pretty frustrating after awhile. When it would be the computers turn it would pop-up with a little countdown, I am so sick of seeing that count down and think that it shouldn’t be there for the computer, they don’t need to prepare. The other thing that bothered me were the dead-on aim of the computer, sure you are behind this thing and far away so you should be able to set a grenade right in front of me. Or the ones that really get me are when you think they are missing with a grenade, nope they were using the wall or angled ground behind you to ricochet off of and land right on you. If you can be upset easily then you will be having fun. I don’t get upset easily and this was pushing my limits but I think that makes it more of a challenge.

Versus and multiplayer mode is just how it sounds. You and some friends can fight each other and/or some computer. The downside of this when playing on the same console was sharing the controller. What’s up with that? Can you please give me an option use other controllers if we’ve got them? Watching your friend choose a weapon and target your worm just gets you pumped up for revenge. I loved walking up to other worms and hitting them with bats or punching them. You get tons of laughs and have fun with this game, especially when your opponent messes up and their weapon backfires on them. You could spend hours playing with friends and getting drunk.

Overall this game is fun to play even with it’s little downsides. The other details that are in it with, worms showing signs of getting beat up each round and choosing your uniform make it feel your own. For 1200 MSP or $14.99 I would definitely plop down the money to get this game.

7/10 FleshEatingZipper

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