Air Patriots, Amazon’s First Mobile Game, Launches

Posted by on November 1, 2012 at 5:42 pm

I’m an airplane.

Amazon just released their first mobile game, Air Patriots. Air Patriots is a defense game but unlike traditional tower defense games your “towers” are mobile. They have launched a trailer so you can see a little of what they mean but not much. The game is free and available right now for iOS and Android devices so it’s definitely something worth checking out.

Here are the only details released with the trailer. The trailer is also embeded below.

  • Draw the paths of your planes – unlike traditional defense games, your “towers” and weaponry is all mobile, allowing you to change up your tactics on the fly.
  • Level-up planes and collect gear to unlock new battlefields and new unique aircraft for your armada.
  • Score high enough to receive a Medal on the Rookie, Pro, and Veteran levels of each map and you’ll unlock one of the 100 wave survival levels that will challenge your strategies to the fullest.
  • 7 unique maps and a wide variety of unique and customizable planes.
  • Air Patriots features beautiful visuals, over 50 achievements, an awesome music score, and endless hours of fun!

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