Bethesda Releases First Trailer for Dragonborn DLC

Posted by on November 5, 2012 at 11:59 am
Dragonborn DLC Header

Remember the last time you visited THIS place?

As if Bethesda wasn’t seemingly churning out DLC left and right already, the next in line for release is aptly named Dragonborn.

Reported to be available on the XBL marketplace on December 4th, the game will expand into Solstheim, the Nordic island that you played during the Bloodmoon expansion for Morrowind. Rumor mills have already been generating a lot of information, due to people literally data mining the latest patches for Skyrim, showing off various bits and pieces of hints, leading many to believe that dragon-riding may be a part of the next DLC, as well as horseback spell casting. Various key points of Solstheim like Fort Frostmoth are expected to be featured in the game, as well as a Telvanni tower, which if true, says a few things.

There will be levitation/flight/super jump spells.

There will be climbing, which hasn’t been seen since Daggerfall.

They will officially have it where NORMAL PEOPLE WHO AREN”T MAGIC can now easily traverse said towers.

Of course this is all speculation, hinting at various features that Bethesda has yet to announce, so before you go announcing that there will be epic dragon-mount battles, consider that Bethesda is probably holding off on confirming that until they can get the mechanics of such a thing working. If the wonky flight-patterns of dragons in the core game are any indication, you might not get that kind of awesome experience.

Keep your ears perked and your eyes open for more on Bethesda’s future releases, and hope that this DLC won’t be finished inside of a weekend like Dawnguard was, or as nigh featureless as Heartfire is. Gotta tell ya, it’s funny when you’re level 52 thief can nearly buy his way through out the whole of a DLC pack. I am personally looking forward to seeing giant mushroom fauna, classic Dunmer architecture, and viewing from afar what Vvardenfell looks like after Red Mountain purportedly exploded.

Check out the official trailer:

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