Nintendo’s Wii Mini: The Last Hurrah Of An Empire

Posted by on November 27, 2012 at 8:36 pm

It definitely looks prettier than the original model.

When a console gets old and prepares for the silver years of its life, it gets repackaged. That old design isn’t gonna work anymore. The price has to come down. You didn’t really need all those features, so out they go. The most successful console of the generation got a stealthy redesign and a Canada-only release date of December 7 for $100. At this point, are there any bets on it outselling its successor?

So what does one gain by owning a Wii Mini, granted it ever sees a release outside of our maple-themed hat country? Well, for one, if you don’t own a Wii yet, you probably had no plans or the space to anyway, this will be the model you’ll probably own. Nintendo has removed all the Gamecube functionality, another console you probably didn’t buy, which will make a few people sad, myself particularly. It also won’t feature any internet functionality, which is fine because unless you’re dying to transfer Miis or use the console as a very last-generation Netflix player, you won’t miss it much. In fact, the target audience of grandparents and thrifty spenders probably won’t care about much of it at all. Just like their predecessors, it’ll probably be ‘that bowling game’ for a new group of people who didn’t sink in last time.

Now we just wait for the Wii Mini-branded car adapters and floor mats, the true earmark of a console redesign.

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