Planetside 2 Items – Station Cash Purchase Prices Announced? Pay To Win?

Posted by on November 7, 2012 at 11:55 am

mmmmmm…Tasty Sidegrades!

Prices, yes. Pay to win? We’ll talk about that, too. This morning, John Smedley had a chat with a few people on twitter regarding the pricing tiers for buying items in their upcoming free-to-play MMOFPS Planetside 2. In that chat he revealed that there will be pricing tiers based (presumably) on the type of item, similar to the different cert-point tiers for unlocking those items with cert points.

So what are the prices going to look like? Well, here’s what Smed-said!

Straight from the man himself

So based on station cash prices, that places the cost of the items between $2 and $7 (USD) per item you want to unlock (That’s $.66 and $2.33 (USD) if you got in on the triple station cash extravaganza they had this past Sunday, which I did).

EDIT : John Smedley has clarified his tweet saying that the prices will actually be 250, 500 and 700. Just want to be clear on that.

And now that the FACTS are out of the way, it’s time for me to get all op-ed up in this shack.

I noticed immediately that the usual suspects are already having a long and energetic cry on Smedley’s twitter feed about the prices which have been announced. People seem to think that paying $7.00 to unlock an item is just too expensive. Allow me to remind you that you are more than capable of unlocking those same items by saving up your cert points like good little boys and girls and then spending those instead of your cash. You do not HAVE to spend money to buy those sidegrade items.

And let me touch on that term right there…”sidegrade items”. It has been very clearly stated that the items are exactly that…Sidegrades. And we have proof! Here’s an example:

On my mercenary carbine, I can load up with heaps of attachments. Right now I’m rocking a foregrip, a reflex sight, and an underbarrel grenade launcher. I can clip you in the chin from close range or I can rain fire and brimstone down on you from long range. That’s a pretty powerful weapon, to be sure.

If I buy one of the other carbines, though, I get a bit better performance on accuracy or bullet damage or mid-range ass-kickery but I can’t put the grenade launcher on it, which takes away my long range beat-down ability. So I get some bonuses in some areas but take a hit in others.

That’s what’s called a “sidegrade” ladies and ladies. Sure I can get a higher rate of fire or a smaller cone of fire at mid-range or better CQB performance by buying one of the other weapons but someone standing at long range can blow my butt to smithereens with the underbarrel grenade launcher on their default carbine. So you take the ups with the downs. This is not, in any way, “pay to win”. Let me clarify.

If I was able to buy a carbine which had a higher ROF and a smaller COF and better mid to long range performance than the default, AND I could stick all of the attachments on it, AND it was only available for purchase via station cash, that would be pay to win because A) the item would be an upgrade and B) it would only be available to those who were willing to spend money on it. What we’re dealing with here, however, is items which are sidegrades and which ANYONE can get their hands on, through the normal course of play, without having to spend a dime. What I am paying for the is luxury of getting it sooner than I might if I saved up the cert points.

See that magic word there? LUXURY. It’s not a right, it’s not even a privelege…It’s a LUXURY and I am willing to pay for it. If you’re not, you don’t have to. You can still get the same items, you just won’t get the LUXURY of having them at the same time I do. I also spent money on the luxury of being able to drive a really nice motorcycle around town. If you don’t want to spend that same money, you don’t have to…You can still get around as quickly as I can. And guess what! Sidegrade. My motorcycle impresses women and alllows me to have large boobs pressed in to my back while I give them rides. On the flip, though, if a car hits me I’m a stain.

You take the ups with the downs.

And for the people out there who are getting all teary eyed because at that price it might cost $140.00 to buy 20 items, I have to ask you this: Do you really NEED those items? Do you really NEED to buy every weapon? Nope, you sure don’t. If you want the LUXURY of having them all, well…You’re going to have to pay for it, right?

And I think that puts that subject straight to bed.

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