Planetside 2 Launch Trailer Released

Posted by on November 20, 2012 at 12:11 pm


The time has come to go to war. Choose your side.

We’ve just gotten word that the brand spanking new launch trailer for Planetside 2 has been released by Sony Online Entertainment. So far, all of their trailers for Planetside 2 have been really good and this one doesn’t disappoint!

Featuring nothing but gameplay, the trailer shows the frantic, fast paced, massive combat that Planetside 1 was known for, in the new and much improved wrapper of Planetside 2. With amazing graphics, smooth play and tons of options for character customization, Planetside 2 has been shaping up to become exactly what we thought it would be…The best shooter of the year.

We have a review incoming in the next couple of days but in the mean time, take a look at the launch trailer and drool while you wait for the game to download.

Planetside 2 is available from and can also be gotten through steam and is completely free to play. Sure, you have the option to set up a subscription, which will give you priority in the login queue, 500 station cash per month, which can be used to unlock weapons and vanity items, in leiu of using your certification points on them (No pay to win, here…All of the items you can buy are also available for unlock using certification points you gain throughout the normal course of play) and increased cert point and xp gain.

Yeah, check out the trailer and then get to downloading. We’ll see you on Auraxis!

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