Saints Row: The Third’s ‘Full Package’ Unzipping On November 6

Posted by on November 1, 2012 at 3:48 pm

There’s a lot of Saints Row: The Third in here.

A lot of cool games came out last year, but Saints Row: The Third, with all of its utter zaniness, stood head and shoulders above everything else. On November 6th (and on the 16th internationally), THQ is releasing its Game of the Year-style compilation of Saints Row: The Third and all of its extra content. If you haven’t made the dive yet, you should.

To be frank, I didn’t get into Saints Row’s three expansions because I heard they were rubbish. At the same time, I’m not huge on downloadable content anyway. By the time I’ve made it through the game far enough to enjoy DLC, I’m really done with the game, but like any collection, this is perfect for people new to the game and Saints Row: The Third cannot be missed. Take Grand Theft Auto, strip away the muted color palettes and pretentious, heavy-handed storytelling, and just do kinda anything you want, and you’ll get Saints Row. It’s not for everyone, but between Burt Reynolds being mayor of the town during a zombie invasion to Gangstas In Space with rovers on Mars, it’s just… look, just pick up this collection.

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