The Grinns Tale Launches, Blending Role-Playing, Adventure and City Building

Posted by on November 6, 2012 at 8:46 pm

This game is free to play? On FACEBOOK?! Yep!

Nexcon, one of the heavy hitters in the social gaming industry, has announced the official release of the new Facebook game “The Grinns Tale”, the company’s latest role-playing adventure, which launches today – for free – on Facebook and Kongregate. Following a wildly successful beta phase, the game’s launch brings new levels to explore, new equipment to craft and collect, new enemies to vanquish, and much more.

Let the Grinns lead you on an amazing adventure where you can recruit a party of zany partners, establish a base from which you can craft your own gear and produce supplies for battle and then take off to a mysterious tower to fight monsters and discover the dark truth of your world.

Nexon is shattering the idea of free to play, browser based gaming with The Grinns Tale, delivering extremely deep gameplay which is pretty much unheard of in social gaming, and pushes it even further by focusing on story driven, single player adventuring, gorgeous art and a unique look.

Also, you’ll notice a distinct lack of “share this” buttons.

Yeah, that sounds hot.

Check out the opening cinematic below and then dive in and play the game now on Facebook or Kongregate.

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