(Un?)Intentionally Violent Games

Posted by on November 30, 2012 at 3:41 pm

Probably the most violent game I’ve ever played

So there I was, playing Jetpack Joyride, by Halfbrick Studios (the same company which created Fruit Ninja), which a friend of mine recommended to me. As I was floating along on my jetpack, picking up coins, dodging laser walls and ducking missiles, I looked down and notice the bodies strewn along the floor.

At that moment, it hit me. This game is REALLY violent! But was it intentional, or not?

So here’s the deal with Jetpack Joyride. Apparently some scientists have created a jetpack which, instead of jets, relies on 3 machine guns to propel our “hero” into the air. I put “hero” in quotes because he’s not much of a hero, really. What he does is break into the lab where the scientists are, by blowing a huge hole in the wall. This, apparently, kills a number of scientists. After he blows up the wall, he rushes in and steals the jetpack right out from under a sign that asks people to not steal it. He then takes to the skies, flying through the lab, stealing money in the form of coins and looking for boxes with special gear in them.

In those boxes, you’ll find everything from a motorcycle, from which our “hero” will blast the scientists with a shotgun, to a large mechanical dragon which breathes fire as it moves, setting people ablaze.

The player will be dodging laser walls, missiles, and flying laser beams while also trying to collect slot machine tokens which, if you’re lucky, will drop a nuclear bomb on you after you die, flinging your lifeless carcass dozens of meters down the lab. If you’re REALLY lucky you’ll get a second chance which will resurrect you and allow you to continue on your way.

All this time, as you’re flying over the scientists who are scurrying about down below, the machine guns which make your jetpack work are ripping them to shreds, killing them below you.

GOOD LORD that’s a lot of violence!

So tell us – Do you know of any games which seem to be unintentionally ultra-violent? If so, let us know about them in the comments section!

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