X3: Albion Prelude…Why Can’t I Quit You?

Posted by on November 16, 2012 at 9:33 pm

It’s like crack, only without the rotten teeth and pants pooping.

So…a while back I wrote an article about Star Citizen, the upcoming space sim from Chris Roberts. After reading about Star Citizen and then watching a bunch of videos on the subject, I got the space-sim jibs and needed to play one so I fired up X3: Albion Prelude again.

Why, oh WHY did I do that?!

Here’s the problem with X3…It’s wicked addicting, and it’s wicked addicting because it’s wicked frustrating. You see, I’m that guy who wants to do something, falls flat on his face during the attempt, and then gets pissed off and says “There’s NO WAY I’m losing. I’ll keep going at this until I either make it or die in the attempt.” and then I usually end up half dead before I make it.

And this is the issue that I’m having with X3. I’m bound and determined to get through this one particular sector which is filled with pirates and every time I go in there, they kick my ass. I reload, play for a while, upgrade all my stuff and go back at it again, sure that I’m going to be able to take them out…NOPE! They keep kicking my ass over and over again. The problem is that I have to get through this sector in order to get to the person who hands out my story arc quest. So I’m stuck, with no ability to start my story arc quest, and can’t get there until I end up being so powerful that they probably won’t need me for the story arc quest any more because I’ll just sneeze and blow them all away.

This makes me crazy…and I can’t quit.

So, really this whole article is meant to serve as a warning to Chris Roberts. Chris, if you put an unbeatable wall of enemies between me and the first part of my story arc, I WILL find a way to beat them, no matter the cost. Then, I’ll likely punch you in the penis.

You’re on notice.

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