Developer Gauntlet Thrown Down. Make 12 Games In 12 Months!

Posted by on December 21, 2012 at 4:43 pm
One game, one month. 12 games, 12 months. Start coding!

One game, one month. 12 games, 12 months. Start coding!

A group of independent game designers has issued a challenge to the indy developer world out there. Make 12 games in 12 months! Is this even possible? SURE IT IS, according to indy developer “Breakdance McFunkypants” who set out to create 12 indy titles in 2012 and made it happen.

Here’s what Breakdance McFunkypants had to say on his blog about his accomplishment:

“My new year’s resolution this year was a game development challenge. To make 12 games in 12 months.

I pulled it off – and the funny thing is that it wasn’t all that hard at all!”

Of course Mr. McFunkypants had his detractors. Plenty of people told him he was out of his mind for even thinking of it but he was able to get it done.

“I set out this year to prove to myself that not all game projects need to stretch on for months or years. It was a battle against the featurecreep and code bloat that I’d suffered from for years as an indie gamedev. I’ve started so many more games than I’ve finished in the last 20 years.” Says McFunkypants “In 2012 I was able to create a dozen games. They aren’t all going to win awards or shake the foundations of the gamedev community, but they represent the dawning of a new era in my software development career. My skills are stronger. More tempered by realism. More controlled. More disciplined.”

So he and a bunch of other coders have launched a challenge. In this challenge, there are no “winners”. There is no prize, other than the sense of accomplishment each developer will get when they complete their challenge but each developer will earn “xp” and can gain “achievements” through the challenge.

Of course those developers will also gain the real world experience and discipline which will come naturally from doing to much coding. They’ll also earn the honor of (hopefully) having tons of people play their games.

How many people will participate in this endeavor? Well the “game” starts on January 1st 2013 and at the time of this writing 1,579 indy developers have signed up.

And what about the rules?

There are no rules. Teams are allowed. Game jam games are allowed. Sequels are allowed. All languages and platforms are allowed. Mobile games, console games, PC games, Mac games, Linux games, web games, board games, papercraft games, card games, playground games – any kind of game is allowed, though videogames are our focus.

Beginners are welcome. Elite gamedev experts are welcome. Each month you will be able to post links and thumbnails for your games which will appear on the website.

More details about this challenge are available at the onegameamonth website.

Big ups to my boy lordlunchington for giving me the skinny on this challenge!

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