Gabe Newell Hints At Source 2.0… In a Sense

Posted by on December 5, 2012 at 11:44 pm
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It’s pretty damn obvious, really…

Well, for the most part anyway. Mr. Newell has not obliged us with any information directly, and to say that watching a low-res camera recording of Gabe wearing a soldier hat pulled out of a mock MannCo locked crate could only incriminate him for so much, or validate his words in so many … words. Let me clarify.

Just the past August, /v/ from 4Chan visited the HQ of Valve personally to celebrate Gabe Newell’s birthday, leading to some interesting gifts, a joke about paying $2.50 for a key to open a MannCo crate (nice one guys), and a short Q&A with the man himself discussing various topics, one of which was posed by a like-minded fellow (or was it a gal? Hell, I’ll need to watch it again) about developments with their technology. Gabe didn’t expressly say that they were working directly with Source 2.0, as a follow-up question asking for whether or not this would be a new engine, or just and update, led to the all encompassing answer: Yes.

They did confirm that they wanted to wait to roll out with a game before they released anything on the technological side, and the title Ricochet 2 came up during the Q&A, so we’ll just have to watch out for what’s in store. Several people have looked at the code underlying SFM, or the Source Film Maker, but no real leads have turned up.

I will ask you this, the audience, though. Wouldn’t it be more than likely that they’re developing a new engine, for how long it’s taken them to release anything?

Now I’m not one to put down the original Source engine, being a top competitor still in the market today for development tools, along with the relatively old Unreal Engine 3.0… And where Epic Games is fucking proud of their shit, it’s really only a layer of gloss, compared to the innovation laid bare by the Source Engine’s flexibility. They certainly aren’t losing money on any of their games, and the Steam service has done some fine things as of late… Well, except for whatever Steam Box or Steam Big is trying to prove. (Seriously, changing the UI to accommodate a TV screen still requires me to use a PC, or Mac, so really… the TV experience is still pretty limited.)

I could be wrong, but I have a strong notion they’re working towards gearing their software to compete with the growing technological feats in gaming today. Who knows what they’ll have planned for Half-Life 3, should they get over their phobia of that number, and once it comes to pass, I’m betting we’ll get something that’s just as awe-inspiring as Source 1.0 was, back when the G-Man was staring us down with threatening, haunting eyes and speaking in broken riddles.

We’ll keep our ears to the ground as more circulates!

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