I’ve Finally Given In & Bought an Xbox 360 Slim *Sad Face & Tear*

Posted by on December 7, 2012 at 10:10 am

I’ll miss you, buddy.

September 25, 2007, Halo 3 was released. This was the day I bought my first Xbox 360. I bought the Elite version with the 120GB hard drive for $479.99 and Halo 3. Yesterday, I traded it in for an Xbox 360 Slim with the 250GB hard drive. My Elite had no problems, it never got the infamous red ring of death or had any other issues but it was time for me to finally upgrade.

I remember when I bought it and people thought you couldn’t fill the 120GB hard drive. I’ve been having issues with space lately after I’ve installed games and downloaded other media and would often delete installed games to free up space. When I moved into the house I’m renting I had to buy a wireless adapter. It just wasn’t feasible to run network cables where I needed it to go even if I had permission, so I put down the $100 for the Wireless N adapter.

About a month ago I bought a Kinect, because what the hell and that it would help me to review games that use it. Well guess what? The Elite has only one USB port on the back and that was being used for the wireless adapter. So I plugged it into one of the front ports on the front. Boy did that look ugly. Yesterday, I got a Turtle Beach Tango headset to review (review coming soon!) and guess what, it requires a USB port. Doh. Also, I needed to plugin the optical cable and was dumbfounded when there was no port on the back. I totally forgot that there was an audio adapter for the Elite and that I gave that to my little brother for his Turtle Beach headset.

So after buying an audio adapter online and looking at the trade-in value I decided to finally make the leap. I took it to Game Stop and they tried telling me that it was either a refurb or opened because it didn’t have the warranty sticker that’s used today. I showed them the one that is on this one and they finally believed me. That’s how old my Elite is, it should been in a museum.

In memoriam of my Xbox 360 Elite

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