Why Do Some New Games Require Internet Connections? BECAUSE! Less QQ, Moar PEWPEW!

Posted by on December 18, 2012 at 12:54 pm
lol, internet

lol, internet

I’m not sure where this whole thing started but I do know that the big stink started up with the announcement that Diablo 3 was going to require an internet connection in order to play. Now we have been informed that the new Sim City title is also going to require an internet connection to play and people are throwing a huge fit about it already.

First world problem?

I have to be honest with you. I don’t understand what all the fuss is about. Let’s break this whole situation down, shall we?

In this day and age it is almost unheard of for someone to not have a computer. Unlike 30 years ago when having a home computer was the kind of thing that set someone aside form the rest of the herd, if you tell someone that you don’t have a computer these days, you’re going to get a funny look and be told to go back to Bedrock.

In much that same vein, who doesn’t have “always on” internet connections these days? I, for one, can’t think of anyone and if someone was to tell me that their internet connection wasn’t always active, I’m not sure what I would do with that information. I may have a heart attack or I may laugh so hard that I pass out…I really don’t know. So what’s the big deal with having to have an internet connection to play a game? I really don’t get it.

You have internet.

Your internet is always on.

Even if you live in a country or area which throttles you after a certain amount of bandwidth has been used, you’re only transmitting small amounts of data for game saves and the like.

The big bad evil corporations are not going to use your internet c0nnection to hack the planet.

Internet is necessary for the multiplayer components of the games.

MMO’s have require internet connections for years.

Again, I really don’t get it. I mean, I understand that maybe people want to have the ability to play a single player game and that may not have to require internet connectivity but I still don’t understand the big to-do over the internet connectivity requirement. Sure, I know, people are going to start spouting off about wanting to be able to play their games on a plane or in a train, in the car or at the bar, they do not want their game online, they do not like it, so they whine.


See what I did there?

Much like the Dr. Seuss poem I’ve taken that bit from, the main character of the story was absolutely certain that he wouldn’t like green eggs and ham. When Sam-I-Am finally convinced him to try it, he fell in love with the dish and declared that he would eat it anywhere.

My point? I’m not really sure but I think it has to do with trying something before you dismiss it.

Also, it’s called tethering, people…and with the right software, it’s free…so get over it; You can do it anywhere.

Again, I can understand the want to be able to play a single player game but why is it such a problem that the game wants to be connected to the internet? Your computer is connected to the internet anyway! The ONLY issue I can see with the whole thing is if you lose internet for some reason but, to be honest, that’s really not that big a deal. I mean, as long as you’ve been paying your internet bill, there shouldn’t be an outage which lasts long enough that you’re going to have to stop playing until the game has become obsolete.

Also, the benefits for the developers are great. They can push updates at will, they can fight piracy which will hopefully help lower the price of games, they can do digital delivery which reduces waste and pust less of a strain on resources, they deal with less tech-support calls related to people’s game saves becoming corrupt because they spilled Jolt on their computer and popped their power supply (because the games are stored on the cloud) and they also have the ability to track player numbers, density, and game time around the time of updates, revisions and feature additions to see what’s more popular and what’s not, which will help them tailor content to make their games better.

Where’s the down side?

And now, I’m even getting an email asking me to join some online petition to coerce EA into making it not require an internet connection?!

FIRST WORLD PROBLEM, PEOPLE!! A bunch of kids just got massacred by some psychopath, we’re at war in the Middle East and our economy is in the shit-pot and you’re worried about whether or not your game requires an internet connection?


Also, this is the wave of the future, folks. In the coming months and years more and more games are going to require an internet connection to play. You have 2 choices; Get on the boat or watch it float past.


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  • Brayden

    Really? I always have Internet? Wrong. I’m in the US Army and I’m constantly at locations without internet access, because there really aren’t any WiFi signals in the middle of the desert. I AM throwing a fit about Diablo 3 requiring Internet access because its one less game I can’t play because Blizzard Entertainment feels the need to make it an online access game only. When you actually get downtime the few times it happens when you’re in the Army, your laptop is really what keeps you sane. You can play movies, play your games, listen to your music, all things to entertain yourself because there is nothing else to really do. If I ever get deployed, Diablo 3 is one less game I can’t play, and its very frustrating. I’m afraid that soon all video games will require Internet access and in the future I won’t be able to play any new games whatsoever. I realize that the ratio of normal people to military service members is like 100 to 1, but I feel I deserve that much considering all that I do. Bottom line, games should be able to be played without Internet access, unless of course its a game such as World Of Warcraft, The Elder Scrolls Online, etcetera. Diablo 3 however, does not fall into this category. So, if this issue could be resolved, it would be greatly appreciated.