E3 2013 Will Be Here In 5 Months – What Would You Like To See?

Posted by on January 15, 2013 at 11:37 pm
I suck at graphic design but you get the idea!

I suck at graphic design but you get the idea!

So, we all remember the tons of fun we had at E3 2012 and now we’re scant months away from E3 2013. Last year was our first year at E3, as a group, so we spent a lot of time trying to figure out scheduling and organization and not so much time being as productive as we could have been. Going in to this year, we’re already a lot more organized and are prepped up to bring you guys a lot more news and information from the biggest gaming expo in the world and now, we’re asking for YOUR input.

Our calendar from E3, 2012. What a mess!

Our calendar from E3, 2012. What a mess!

This year we’re going to be all up in E3 with a lot more time on our hands to bring all of you the content that you want to see and now that’s what we’re asking you. What do you want to see? We’re going to give all of you a voice and let you share your ideas with us. Here’s some of the stuff we’re already planning on doing:

Lots of gaming information. New stuff, not so new stuff, breaking news, awards nominees, live blogs.

Feature length documentary – E3 from our perspective.

Podcasts – We’ll do a PrE3 podcast and at least one other full length podcast where we’ll announce our “Best of E3” winners.

And now you’re on deck! Leave us a comment and tell us what kind of other stuff you’d like to see. If it’s possible, WE’LL DO IT!

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