FEZ’s Look At Torchlight 2

Posted by on January 13, 2013 at 9:48 am
Torch Light 2 HEADER

He looks kinda angry…

A lot of people have been hating on Blizzard as of late, and more specifically the DRM behind Diablo III, as well as other aspects of the game. Yes, Blizzard can make pretty cut-scenes, and some of the gameplay videos hinted at a neat system behind it all, but I just never had the interest to buy it on Day One, the hype of it a withering sentiment to begin with, and now that it’s out and people are crying foul, there is less of an appeal for the game. I don’t portend to know better than Blizzard on how a game should be made, nor its approach to community and security, as I have no experience in dealing with a user base as large as theirs. Broad-brush social techniques seem to be the norm in that arena of development, so it’s easy to see why certain things slip through the cracks, and can damage the game in a very irreparable way.

That being said, I have been met with a nice alternative by the people behind Diabo II, and have been pleasantly surprised, technical issues notwithstanding. It’s a good, solid game for those who love Diablo, or top-down action RPG’s, so go check them out! It’s an affordable experience, that has a lot to offer.

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