Kickstarter Celebrates All Those Games You Funded With Kickstarter’s Help

Posted by on January 1, 2013 at 8:24 pm
The One Campaign To Rule Them All

The One Campaign To Rule Them All

You heard about a lot of gaming Kickstarter campaigns this past year. We wrote about a lot of them ourselves. So it makes sense that Kickstarter, as a relatively new company, would take a moment and thank you for using their platform to allow many new gaming projects to exist. From Double Fine’s definitive Kickstarter effort to Chris Roberts’ return to space simming, we’re happy that Kickstarter is around. So are they.

Games these days only have a few tracks to follow. You can either be a big publisher-assisted game that gets pushed out for consoles and PCs, you can be a big publisher-assisted XBLA or PSN game that gets pushed out for consoles and PCs, or you can scrap together some funding to make a mobile game if you’re not being assisted by a big publisher. But there is a sea of unmade games that simply can’t exist because a big publisher isn’t available to fund them. There are so many genres that can’t exist anymore because no one’s willing to back them. Enter Kickstarter.

Of course, it’s easy to be optimistic about these kind of projects because many were merely funded this year. We won’t see a lot of the results until later this year or beyond. I have little doubt that some of these games – yes, even the higher-profile titles – will actually be garbage. Maybe some of these games never deserved funding? Well, until the gritty reality sets in, we like the idea that every one of these campaigns unleashed a superstar. Stay tuned.

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