OUYA Has Competition – GameStick Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Posted by on January 4, 2013 at 9:00 pm
Whoa, the console is in the controller!

Whoa, the console is in the controller!

We’ve talked about OUYA and how everyone thought it was vaporware. Just recently OUYA shipped developer consoles out with early early early UI and without a final version of the controller. After seeing GameStick, I am 100% convinced that neither of these are vaporware. GameStick looks to be a direct competitor of OUYA with cheaper cost and being more portable.

The GameStick console looks like a thumb drive. It fits elegantly in the controller for easy storage. It runs on Android like OUYA and looks to be something they can bring a lot of Android games into. They also have a nice looking UI from what we saw. We weren’t really shown a demo of games, the one shown was pretty lame, but they did say they are working with about 250 developers ranging from Madfinger, Hutch, Disney and others. Check out the specs of the device:

  • Processor – Amlogic 8726-MX
  • Memory – 1GB DDR3 / 8GB FLASH
  • Content Download Manager w/ cloud storage for games.
  • WiFi – 802.11 b/g/n
  • Bluetooth – LE 4.0
  • O/S – Android Jelly Bean
  • Controller – Bluetooth, 3 mode controller: gamepad, mouse and keyboard with support for up to 4 controllers.
  • Full 1080p HD video decoding

The price for GameStick is cheaper than OUYA by $20 costing $79. I’m really curious about this space coming into more of the mainstream and TV environment. Right now you can play these type of games on your phone, usually by yourself but both OUYA and GameStick brings it out to be enjoyed by more people. I can’t wait to try this and OUYA and you know we will be giving you the low-down on both when they get shipped out.

You can check out the video and back GameStick on Kickstarter, here.

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