Sony Online Entertainment Announces Partnership With MLG

Posted by on January 29, 2013 at 8:09 pm
Major League Geeks...I mean, GAMING!

Major League Geeks…I mean, GAMING!

Ok, don’t get me wrong. I have mad love for the MLG, for everything they’re doing for the world of gaming. Major League Gaming is doing more to legitimize gaming and stop the persecution of gamers than just about anything else. The problem, to date, is that they haven’t really played anything that I, or most of the people I know, give a shit about.

Seems that is going to change.

In a fairly major move, Sony Online Entertainment has announced that they will be partnering with Major League Gaming to bring Planetside 2 to the competitive gaming world. That’s awesome because most of the people I know love Planetside 2 and are pretty damned good gamers, they’ve just never taken the opportunity to compete because they hate arena style games and Counterstrike style shooters.

As do I. Seriously…they’re CRAP.

At this time, they don’t have it written in stone exactly how they’re going to handle the conversion of Planetside 2 into a competitive shooter but they have released some details about the partnership. Check it out:

We are pleased to announce a new partnership which will introduce PlanetSide 2 to Major League Gaming’s burgeoning competitive gaming audience. MLG is the world’s largest eSports organization with millions of LIVE viewers, fans and competitors around the globe. The year-long collaboration will span all of MLG’s properties including original broadcast programming, online competition and presence at MLG events.

Over the next few months, the PlanetSide 2 and MLG teams will work closely to develop ideal competitive gameplay features and settings to showcase the game. With MLG’s consult and significant community involvement, SOE has committed to creating a long-term eSports initiative within PlanetSide 2 that will highlight an exceptional massively multiplayer competitive gaming experience.

SOE and MLG will also collaborate to create original programming to air on the MLG network at and Details and a complete broadcast schedule will be released in the coming weeks. PlanetSide 2 players around the globe will soon after be able to compete via MLG’s GameBattles online competition site. In addition, PlanetSide 2 gaming stations will be featured at MLG’s first Pro Circuit event of 2013 – the Winter Championship in Dallas, Texas, from March 15-17.


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