Steam Box To Run On Linux? Fanboys Everywhere Rejoice! But Wait…

Posted by on January 8, 2013 at 8:07 pm
On Linux? ORLY?

On Linux? ORLY?

Ok, so a couple of days ago, Valve allegedly revealed that the new Steam Box – the modular computer which is touted to bring Steam’s massive library of games to the average HDTV – would run on Linux.

Did that really happen?

Well, yes and no. It didn’t happen days ago when everyone started squawking about it but it has now officially come down the toobs that the Steam box will, in fact, run Linux. Now, I know all the Linux fanboys out there are jumping up and down right now screaming about how this is such a major victory for their fleabag of an OS and how this (along with 1000 things before this) is the sign that Linux is finally going to take over the world, like they’ve been prophesying all along.

Well, bad news for the Linux users out there; Gabe Newell has stated that owners will be able to install windows on the machine if (when) they want to. This means that while they are planning on selling the box with Linux on it (presumably to help control costs due to Windows licensing fees) the owners can get them home, fire them up, put windows on them and go about their business.

Sorry penguins. Back to waiting for the next sign for you.

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