Taking a Look At FireFall In All Its Bug Killing & Resource Mining Glory [VIDEO]

Posted by on January 29, 2013 at 8:08 pm
Fire Fall Look At HEADER

Rocket boots, aliens, mining… We’ve got a few things to cover.

It seems like more and more MMO’s are trying to breathe life into the genre by bringing new ways to do battle, new ways to involve players with quests, and new ways to become social. With Guild Wars 2 giving us a bit of fresh air in the Fantasy MMO market, EVE Online continues to dominate space while trying to grow into the console territory, and Planetside 2 delivers a somewhat unprecedented sci-fi war-time simulater, it’s hard to redirect one’s attention to other games.

Well, today I want to give you a short glimpse into an MMO that is promised to be free-to-play as well as give you an engaging experience that explores a future Earth in turmoil, as an slip-space cosmic storm threatens humanity.

The game is intriguing, asking you to take on the role of a human in the 23rd century, doing battle with alien organisms, and mining for resources in an long-battle with the ever-present cosmic storm known at The Melding.

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