The Elder Scrolls Online Opens Its Doors For Beta Testers, Has Much To Prove

Posted by on January 22, 2013 at 6:30 pm


It’s been fourteen months since Skyrim landed on store shelves and crushed all kinds of sales goals (most of that time I spent not playing it) and now Bethesda is ready to bring in the next wave of fantasy-RPG excitement to the world. Starting today, you can sign up for beta access to the series’ new MMO. It’s here, after a mundane unveiling at E3, that we’ll be able to test whether or not Bethesda can break World of Warcraft’s grip on our MMO dollars, but it faces a long, challenging road.

I shouldn’t have to think that any Elder Scrolls game will ever be bad. These guys simply have it down pat. While not being formed by the same team, The Elder Scrolls Online has been in development for years, taking place a millennia before the action of Oblivion. The problem with any new entrant to the MMO game, even those with science-fiction affiliations, is that they’re following perhaps too closely in the wake of Blizzard’s big game. For all the lore and structure that the Elder Scrolls games have created over the past twenty years, we still need to see something that’s uniquely Elder or Scrolls to really get me excited out of their first online game. Less exclamation marks floating over heads and more intimate action.

Here’s hoping for a good first impression.

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