Today We Say Goodbye To THQ

Posted by on January 25, 2013 at 4:15 pm
Goodbye, THQ.

I guess I’ll see you, see you on the other siiiiide…

Well, it’s been a long road. While THQ had originally planned to sell itself in its entirety to investment group Clearlake, the courts decided that they would get more money selling off their properties and studios individually. As widely reported, many of these studios found homes and THQ ultimately raised $72 million. But while Relic goes to Sega, Volition goes to Deep Silver, and South Park, plus a number of other properties, go to Ubisoft, our sources in THQ have confirmed that today is the final day for the employees of THQ proper and Vigil Studios, whom you may know for the Darksiders games. Yeah, it’s all done now.

THQ, like Midway and Acclaim, was always short of a hit. When they had a hit, they always buried it with a less-than-impressive sequel that they spent more money on. They rebranded two years back, but the fatal blow came when they spent millions of dollars making uDraw tablets and games so you could draw stuff on your Xbox 360 or PS3, something no one wanted to do. They sat on millions of these units, money that could have been better spent on anything that wasn’t uDraw.

This split is bittersweet. THQ’s management was truly the worst and despite Jason Rubin’s introduction to the company, they were already too far gone for his tenure to amount to much. Good studios are going to good places, but even if I wasn’t a big fan of Darksiders II, Vigil Studios is an awfully talented group of individuals that deserve new jobs under a more caring boss. Maybe others will copy their E3 booth strategy, too.

All the best to those now out of work, we hope you resettle soon.

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