A Blind Date With The PlayStation 4: First Base Grabbed, Home Still Far Away

Posted by on February 20, 2013 at 6:42 pm
A snapshot of Killzone: Shadow Falls, a small taste of what the next generation looks like.

A snapshot of Killzone: Shadow Falls, a small taste of what the next generation looks like.

Sony knows how to tease. Despite over two hours of presentation, they’ve still only scratched the surface on what the PlayStation 4 experience will be. Due out later this year, we caught a clip of what the hardware’s going to be like, a dabble of what tech demos developers can make for the hardware, and not much else to go on. In a presentation geared toward hardcore gamers, details are still so scarce – and our HD press footage still so unfulfilled – that it almost feels like they’ve jumped the gun. It wasn’t the first time, Sony unveiled the PS3 a full year and a half before it released, long before even the Xbox 360 hit retailers. So how much blood can we squeeze from this stone?


It’s a pretty standard console, as far as innards go. Nothing wrong with that. Rather than let Ken Kutaragi develop powerful but proprietary hardware, they decided to go for some standard x86-oriented hardware like any PC you can buy. Good on them. It’s got 8GBs of GDDR5 RAM and some crazy elbow room to stream out content for uploading clips of gameplay. Awesome.

Driveclub, Infamous: Second Son. I want these games right now, immediately. The former looks like a PGR-alike, the latter is Infamous. Rock on.

Sony didn’t feel the need to toot their horn much. Coming off a generation where Sony told everyone their console would be five hundred and ninety-nine US dollars and that people would work longer to buy their console, Sony felt the need to be playful and friendly in their new vision of sharing and gaming and absorbing media.


Blizzard came on stage, unveiled Diablo 3. What. Blizzard’s first native effort on a console in nearly two decades is a port of a year-old PC game. Yeah, Sony, you can have that “strategic partnership”. Was anyone else dying for an unveil of their big, new, rumored MMO, Titan?

No hardware. Sony briefly showed off the controller, didn’t show anything for their Kinect-lite camera, and didn’t show the base hardware off at all. Nintendo was in the same position a year ago when it didn’t show much of anything about the Wii U and definitely didn’t show off the hardware. We don’t know any specs and we definitely don’t know…

A price, we has none. Maybe it’s too early, but would it hurt to put some minds at ease regarding the entry point of this hardware, considering the shock they killed everyone with on the PlayStation 3?


Share button. I get that it’s 2013 and consoles are really just catching up to where PCs were years ago, but having a Share button built into every controller seems a little myopic. It’s not just social networks you’re sharing it to, and thankfully it’s not a branded button for Facebook or Twitter in particular, but it seems weird at this point.

Will PSN really be that fast? With all this streaming stuff they want to do and background-loading applications (no more discrete firmware updates, ever? OH MY GAWD.), Sony is going to have to upgrade their infrastructure all kinds of super crazy to cope with demand. Bluntly, PSN sucks when you’re downloading large content, indicating hundreds of minutes to completion.

No Wonderbook? Sad.

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