Rise Of The Triad – Production Diary, Screenshots And Concept Art

Posted by on February 8, 2013 at 8:20 pm
This is shaping up to be a very pretty game.

This is shaping up to be a very pretty game.

I love PR people. Really I do. I deal with them a LOT and they nearly always seem to be willing to go out of their way to make sure they’re putting a smile on your face while they do all the things you need them to do in order to help you do all of the things they need you to do.

That may not have made sense to you, but it makes PERFECT sense to me.

So when I get an email from a PR person, which starts out with

It’s Friday, sucka!

As usual, here’s the skinny on all the phat news (yeah, I said “phat” for the first time since 1995)

I giggle a little…Because that, truly, helps make my day…Oh, and keep reading for some cool news about Rise of the Triad!

So here’s what I’ve got.

Interceptor Entertainment and Apogee Software (FUCK, try saying that 5 times, real fast…I’m not paying the ER bill) are still hard at work on their “Over-the-Top First-Person Action” (their words, not mine) game, Rise of the Triad, which is a reboot of the classic game, which is starting to look really, really good. They send us out updates from time to time and this one…Well this one was awesome because the PR people had a LOT of fun with the release.

First, the opener…Next up, there’s a production diary where the devs talk about creating the game, which everyone should watch because it’s a pretty good one, as production diaries go –

After that was the section indicating that they have some screenshots and concept art for us, which is aptly titled…and I quote:

Screenshots and Concept Art, Yo.

Of course, that’s where they laid out all of the screenshots we can show you, so here they are!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


After that they mention the developer blog, which also has some pretty cool stuff in it and, finally, the information section, which seems pretty up-front, until you get to the “media contact” line, which reads – and again I quote:

Media contact:
Me, duh.

Yeah…PR people (especially ones like this who make me laugh) can really make your day. If you know one, give them a big hug…from me.


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