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Posted by on February 25, 2013 at 9:46 pm
Ghostrider, requesting fly-by!

Ghostrider, requesting fly-by!

So I was going through the updates at, reading some new stuff I hadn’t gotten a chance to touch yet and going through some of the older stuff I had been through before and I was surprised at how much I had either too-casually glossed over or misunderstood, before.

I have been excited about Squadron 42 / Star Citizen since I first heard of it but after reading some things and re-reading some others, I’m finding myself more excited now than I had been when this thing kicked off.

Let’s talk:

First, on the subject of ships…There will be a lot of them. Many varieties and sizes. That’s an awesome thing because, of course, variety is the spice of life. On top of that, all of the ships are going to be very customizable. From weapons to skins, the ships we fly will very much be our own…How we want them.

We also know now that besides the constellation freighter, which also carries a snub-fighter for defense, we are also going to be able to get our hot little hands on the Bengal carrier (at least, that’s where all the signs are pointing at this time). Of course this runs the risk of costing us a lot of creds if the thing gets blown out of the sky and we haven’t insured it properly but I can tell you that the boys over and I can’t WAIT to buy one of these things and start running the galaxy.

Yeah, the Sons of Odin are going to own everything...

Yeah, the Sons of Odin are going to own everything…

Something else we know is that the game is NOT going to be a “fly around in 3rd person view in a ship and never get out of it and spend 16 years learning skills you’ll never use so you can upgrade to stuff you need” style space game but will, instead, be a “fly around like you’re in an actual ship, using real skill to get things done, then dock at a station, hop out of your ship, walk over to the bar and socialize with people and then go attack and board another ship for some hardcore, tactical, first-person-shooter action”.

Yeah, first person shooter action. Straight from Chris Robert’s mouth. SEXAR!

There’s a bunch of other new stuff that I will share with all of you in the coming weeks so make sure you check back, especially if you’re not a Star Citizen subscriber, because all of this will be brand new to you.

Check back!

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