Wikipad Gaming Tablet Still A Thing That’s Coming Out, Will Sell At $249.99

Posted by on February 7, 2013 at 5:38 pm
All this can be yours this Spring...

All this can be yours this Spring…

Just before its originally scheduled launch on Halloween in GameStop stores, Wikipad indefinitely postponed the release of its $499.99 10″ Android-powered gaming tablet. Citing a critical manufacturing flaw in their first units, something they claim was “neither a mistake of our excellent design team nor a fault of our incredible manufacturing partners”, the Wikipad is now finally ready for arrival.

Instead of launching in the original 10″ size however, the Wikipad will be a 7″ tablet, a size that’s gained some favor over the past few years. As you can tell in the shot above, this is no ordinary slate. With controls built into the frame of the device, the Wikipad is designed for a traditional gaming experience, closer to the PSVita or 3DS than an iOS or Android device. Being Android powered, it’s still limited by the platform’s limited number of games, but hopefully with the release of more hardware like this, we’ll see more content for it.

Of course, all of this comes only a month after Nvidia unveiled their SHIELD handheld designed to not only play Android games, but also stream PC games from a local computer with an Nvidia GPU. That all in place, it makes sense that the Wikipad will be releasing at half its original price, only $249.99, versus whatever exorbitant amount Nvidia is going to charge for their handheld. Wikipad still has plans for a 10″ model, but those are still in the ether, it appears.

As soon as we can get our hands on one of these new Wikipads, we’ll be sure to give you the lowdown.

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