Your Dream Arcade, In Your Home? YUP!

Posted by on February 12, 2013 at 7:35 pm
Arcadey goodness, in your home! Sign me up!

Arcadey goodness, in your home! Sign me up!

So, I got this press release today about arcade games and Valentine’s Day. It was really just a sales pitchy kinda thing in which they were letting me know that a company that makes arcade machines (the kind where you can play like 150 different games) is having a super-mega sale on their wares, for Valentine’s Day.

I read the release, went to the site, looked around for a bit, and then I saw it… choirs of angels sang out and a magical light shone down upon me from the heavens.

I bet you want me to tell you what I saw, right? We’ll get to that. First, though, I have to tell you about this company, because that thing I saw means that these guys are chock full – NAY, OVERFLOWING – with badassery.

The company is called “Dream Arcades” and they build multi-arcade machines. We’re talking the real ones which use the original software from the original games, wherever possible…not some cheap ass knock off wherein the skater guy from 720 (probably the greatest arcade game of all time) looks like a stick figure on a popsicle stick. That, in and of itself is awesome and the fact that 720 is included in the game package? Well, I’d order one just for that, even if it weren’t for the other thing.

So these guys sell arcade machines which are loaded with options and tons of games, are upgradeable, serviceable, and require no quarters or tokens. They come in a variety of models, from stand-up to sit down, 2 players, 4 players, track balls, no track balls, spinners, lighted buttons, etc…and the guys at Dream Arcades will totally customize your machine with any options you choose.

This week, they’ve been having a bit of a sale, which you now have around 24 hours to get in on (it ends on the 13th) and they’re knocking the prices of their rigs down, quite a bit. Here’s an excerpt from the press release:

All pre-built arcade machines from Dream Arcades include over 145 classic games built in, so the fun begins as soon as the machine is plugged in. In addition, gamers can add even more games to their machine by purchasing additional titles in “packs” including classics from Midway Games (including Mortal Kombat) and Taito Games (including Space Invaders and Jungle Hunt). Players can also add classics such as Q*BERT and Golden Tee Golf.

Just for Valentine’s Day, Dream Arcades is including multiple “add-ons” for each arcade at no cost, including a DVD-ROM upgrade and multiple gaming “packs” with dozens of additional games.

Popular arcade machine options from Dream Arcades include:

– The 4-Player Dreamcade® 2.0 Cocktail Arcade: a classic sit-down/table top gaming machine featuring tinted safety glass, built-in trackball and integrated music. The 4-Player Dreamcade 2.0 comes with over 145 games, a 19 inch arcade monitor and a high quality¾ inch computer routed Melamine cabinet. The Dreamcade 2.0 Cocktail Arcade is available for $1,999.

– The Cabaret Dreamcade® 2.0: Just as you remember in the arcade, this “stand-up” machine will bring back memories as soon as you plug it in. The Cabaret Dreamcade 2.0 is the perfect size for both adults and children, has “pinball” flippers on the side for video pinball games, includes a 19 inch arcade monitor with tempered glass and over 145 games. The Cabaret Dreamcade 2.0 is available for $1,899.

Just what we have right there is amazing. I was pretty impressed and like I said…720 is on the list of games so I was already whipping out my credit card, when I saw THIS amazing thing…

Look very closely...When you see it..............

Look very closely…When you see it…………..

Did you look close enough? Well, I’ll give you a hint, just in case you missed it. Look in the front center of the machine and look on the side. What are those?


That’s an arcade kegerator! That masterpiece of gamey sexiness has 3 beer taps, 2 cup holders and is refrigerated…And it packs a 29 inch monitor! Seriously, that’s ridiculous!

Also seriously, I don’t care if you buy one of these things or not. I really don’t. Because I’m going to. And when I get it, I’m going to attach a tube to the center tap and run the other end to my mouth. I’m going to stand there and play 720 until my arms fall off and every time I get a little parched, I’m going to reach down, pull that magical lever and fill my tummy with the great, fresh taste of Hoegaarden…My most favorite-est beer.

I’ll catch you suckers on the flip!

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