‘Back To Bed’ Is A Surreal 3D Puzzle Game With A Modest Kickstarter

Posted by on March 8, 2013 at 11:39 am
It looks super cool, I'll hand it that.

It looks super cool, I’ll hand it that.

Do you remember playing Rocko’s Modern Life on the Super Nintendo? In it, you guided your faithful, and completely stupid, dog Spunky through a bunch of levels based on the show, removing obstacles and disabling villains so that he could reach the end. It was a frustrating experience, but one I’ll honestly never forget. An equally unforgettable experience with the same premise, although not quite as frustrating based on the demo, is Back To Bed, a new Danish indie game that’s looking to raise a mere $12,000 to make their game real with levels crafted out of Europe’s greatest surrealistic paintings.

The ten-level demo is web-based and available on PC and Mac, but with this Kickstarter, the team will bring not only new levels to the fray, but they’ll retool old ones and add an iPad version of their game to boot. Check out their pitch below and check out their Kickstarter with links to their demo here complete with backwards-talking narrative.

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