‘Banished’ Is A Survival City-Builder I Want To Get My Hands On

Posted by on March 25, 2013 at 9:00 am
Only you can ensure the survival of your townfolk.

Only you can ensure the survival of your townfolk.

Everything about this sounds cool: you lead a group of exiles to build a settlement in the wilderness using only what the land came with. Then, as you gather each resource, they must be crafted further to create more and more distinct tools. It sounds a little bit like The Settlers or Caesar, but as demonstrated below, Banished sheds much of what was added to that game for a purer experience. One that I must devour.

Your ultimate goal in Banished is to build a self-sustaining city that can survive the harsh winters the game puts your settlement through. You’ll create farms and houses and specific workshops that produce up to eighteen different professions. As it appears in the Alpha gameplay video, you won’t have direct control on your villagers – of which you’ll have a finite amount until they shack up and produce children – you merely provide objectives and redivide the labor as required. Actions you take against the environment, such as leveling a forest, will have devastating effects on your town if not replaced because of the game’s dynamic creature ecosystem. At this point, no combat is included in the game, but developer Shining Rock Interactive says they may include it as an option for adventurous builders.

The game is expected to land later this year.

Source: PC Gamer

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