Dead Space Is Dead, Joins Red Faction On Island Of Misfit Game Franchises

Posted by on March 5, 2013 at 1:17 pm
Dead Space 3 Header

This may be the last we see of one Isaac Clarke

Another franchise with so much potential is biting the dust. Word is leaking, at least as VideoGamer would have it, that Electronic Arts has dispatched its glossy horror-becoming-action franchise to the land of its necromorphs. Cody thought favorably of the third game, I even enjoyed their mobile effort, but despite EA’s attempts to tweak it for broader audiences with more Gears of War-style action on a moment to moment basis and bundling in controversial fourth wall-breaking microtransactions, the game’s poor sales have apparently sunk the franchise.

Dead Space as a franchise has had its issues staying alive, however. Originally conceived as a System Shock game, Dead Space was part of then-new CEO John Riccitello’s efforts to revitalize the company with exciting new properties like Mirror’s Edge. While that game failed to connect with an audience, Dead Space did just enough business to justify a sequel. Dead Space 3, as VideoGamer points out, was rumored to have been nearly cancelled at several points in its life with a fourth game in early production now scrapped outright.

Unfortunately, Dead Space‘s demise being linked so close to its attributes as a high-budget horror game means that we will continue to see pervasive micro-transactions until some game does it the absolute worst way possible.

Source: VideoGamer

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