Electronic Arts Releases Infographic For ‘Real Racing 3’, Fails To Include Any Dollar Amounts

Posted by on March 15, 2013 at 1:13 pm
That'll be $5 to look at this screenshot. Seriously, start writing that check.

That’ll be $5 to look at this screenshot. Seriously, start writing that check.

Today, Electronic Arts was more than celebratory of its new-ish racing game, Real Racing 3, and all the attention it’s been getting. People have been racing a lot of races and odometering a lot of miles, so to highlight these victories, they released an infographic. The game is a freemium title, a pernicious one at that, in which virtually every facet is monetized. We’re experienced with these ‘insert coin to play game’ mobile games and we’re definitely experienced with EA’s efforts to bring them to life, but we’re wondering why EA isn’t talking dollars. Y’know, the thing the game is built on.

But I guess it would be adding gloat to injury here to highlight that players have bought so many thousand cars and saved hundreds of thousands of years in repair times by pitching in so many dollars. Releasing a game like this for free and then making up for it in microtransactions makes sense on a front that EA isn’t winning so many fans on: dollars. After The Old Republic bombed and other games have underperformed against their competition, a call was made internally to bring in-game purchases to every game possible (although the company seems to have backed down on that claim), including Dead Space 3, a game that features them in as an aid during the single-player campaign. Bizarre.

We’re going to see a lot more of this going forward, so I suppose we should stop being so shocked. I suppose that’s maybe that’s what EA wants.

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