‘Fez’, The Puzzle-Platformer Game, Arrives On Steam May 1

Posted by on March 18, 2013 at 10:25 am
I can see how things could get confusing. Fez, FEZ, yeah?

I can see how things could get confusing. Fez, FEZ, yeah?

Fez, the game and not our beloved web site, is finally making its PC debut on Steam starting in May. The first of May, even. The struggle of developer Phil Fish was documented well in Indie Game: The Movie, but the result was a well-rounded platformer that defied a lot of expectations and was honestly pretty crazy when you peeled back the covers. You’ll want to get your Xbox 360 controllers ready.

I actually purchased Fez last year and sunk a number of hours into it, but I just couldn’t get into enough of it to feel I had enough of an opinion to scribe a review. You play as the blobby Gomez who uncovers a way to turn the 2D world into a fully-twistable 3D environment that couldn’t be prettier. The game’s open format leaves you to your own devices to try and figure out where puzzles and what to do, which left me stuck after, well, not a long period of time, much like Antichamber. It may look like an easy Mario game, but it is not. Still, if that sounds appetizing and you somehow haven’t snapped it up yet, the PC version may be the best way to go.

Source: Steam

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