Garrett Returns: New ‘Thief’ Title Revealed In Game Informer, Due Out 2014 [VIDEO]

Posted by on March 5, 2013 at 10:32 am
Our good pal Garrett as he appears on Game Informer's April cover.

Our good pal Garrett as he appears on Game Informer’s April cover.

Did you know that for many years after the release of Doom, all you could do in first-person shooters was shoot things? I know, right? When Thief: The Dark Project came along in 1998, it blew so many minds, mine included, when it challenged you to hide in shadows and cover your steps as you burgled every shiny thing that caught your eye. Set in a dark, Victorian-themed world of nightmares and the supernatural, Thief spawned several sequels (although the third game featured many of the same flaws as its sister game at Ion Storm, Deus Ex: Invisible War), but has otherwise been out of the limelight – perhaps fittingly – since 2004. Prep your arrows, thieves, we go back in soon.

In development at Eidos Montreal (the same group of cool peeps who produced Deus Ex: Invisible War), details are still scarce at this point, but Square-Enix will be releasing this next year for PC, PS4, and that rumored Xbox console. I cannot wait to see it. Also: that compound bow looks like a huge step over Garrett’s modest twig from the earlier games.

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