GDC 13: Study Finds Less Games Featuring Multiplayer Than Ever This Generation

Posted by on March 26, 2013 at 9:10 am
That traffic jam is like the servers at EA.

Take note, game publishers! Maybe you already have?

Wow, I guess I never did notice it until now, but EEDAR says that since 2005, games featuring multiplayer modes, online or off, has been on the decline. As someone who rarely plays multiplayer, that seems to make a lot of sense: publishers are starting to notice when multiplayer makes sense.

Despite the SimCity controversy, I’ve always wanted multiplayer in that series. They’re still one or two big patches away from fixing that (or making me want to play the game at all at this point), but their hearts were in the right place. I’m recalling an era toward the end of the Xbox/PlayStation 2 cycle when a game would be announced, then come with the slugger of a paragraph ender that goes “…also including eight to sixteen player deathmatch, capture the flag, and blah-de-blah.” Not in those words, exactly, but something close. I remember playing a number of those modes and remembering how barebones many of these would be. Back in those days, DLC was maps and publishers didn’t want you to trade in those games right away. Perhaps it’s also a sign, as the publishers had expected, that games were simply too pricey to make to include extraneous features like half-assed head-capping. Did BioShock 2 really need multiplayer? Or Max Payne 3? I think not.

Well, it’s all for the better.

Source: Penny Arcade Report

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