‘Shackleton Crater’ Kickstarter Stopped, Moon Colonization Game Needs New Way Into Space

Posted by on March 27, 2013 at 10:33 am
Looks like our dreams of colonizing the moon are pretty far out, even in our fantasies.

Looks like our dreams of colonizing the moon are pretty far out, even in our fantasies.

Guys, I feel like I let you down here. I’d read about Shackleton Crater weeks ago, I’d even read Polygon’s lengthy piece profiling the game and its creator, EA co-founder Joe Ybarra. Hell, the studio is even local to the FEZ Palace. Through all that though, something about the game just didn’t click with me – or with gamers apparently. Developer Joe Got Game shut their $700,000 Kickstarter ask yesterday after only bringing in $27,000 with two weeks left to go. It’s only now that I feel I’m really getting the game.

This isn’t the end of Shackleton Crater mind you, but it appears that they’re just that much further from their goals. Shackleton is a turn-based lunar colonization strategy game that utilizes NASA’s lunar topographical data to create as plausible an experience as possible. The game features several discrete phases of development as you work from becoming a self-sustaining colony all the way up to mega projects like lunar space elevators and mass drivers to transport goods back to Earth.

Looking over the pitch though, it doesn’t seem all that strange that it failed to catch on. I don’t think the subject matter is off the table as far as accessibility, but the pitch video revealed little about what the game would actually be, leaving that to a lot of the text on their Kickstarter page. It doesn’t make much sense to say it now, but they’ve got my dollars (within a reasonable amount) should it resurface in a way I can contribute to.

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