Study Claims Video Game Industry Leads Retail Enforcement Of Age Restrictions

Posted by on March 25, 2013 at 8:09 pm
Who do they think is going to believe this hogwash?

Who do they think is going to believe this hogwash?

So, yeah. The Federal Trade Commission conducted a study under which they claim to have come to the conclusion that retailers of video games are not only the strictest, but are also the most effective “among entertainment retailers” in enforcing age rating policies.

Hmmm… that part may be true. I mean, I’m sure it’s harder for a twelve-year old to get an M-rated game at a proper video game store than it is at a large, national chain department store but, once we get past that point, the whole story goes pear-shaped. I’m going to have to call shenanigans.

The alleged results of this alleged study claim that video game retailers allegedly put the kibosh on 87% of all alleged attempted purchases of M-rated games by children under the age of seventeen, which is a record for the video game industry and surpasses that of every other facet of the entertainment industry including movie theaters, DVD rental and sales, and music with parental-advisory labels.

“The ESRB is the gold standard in entertainment ratings. The ESRB and its retail partners deserve thanks and praise for their outstanding work in empowering and helping parents,” said Michael D. Gallagher, president and CEO of the Entertainment Software Association. “This is the fourth report that has video game retailers performing the best in this important category. We have an unparalleled commitment to working with parents and retailers, and will continue to help ensure that this remarkable level of enforcement remains high.”

Ok, look, don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining, all right? We all know that kids get a hold of M-rated games and we all know it’s a hell of a lot more common than 13%. In fact, I’d say reverse the numbers. It should say that 87% of the kids who tried to buy an M-rated game had absolutely no problem at all. Everyone who has ever been at a midnight opening or played Call of Duty online can attest to that.

If you’d like to read the whole report, you can check it out here in its entirety. If you’re a fan of fiction, you should love it; especially the part about Target having a 0% rate of selling M rated games to kids. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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