‘Super Metroid’ Re-envisioned In High Definition Via… Photoshop?

Posted by on March 25, 2013 at 10:44 am
The level of detail is far beyond insane.

The level of detail is far beyond insane.

Super Metroid is good, Super Metroid is great, rah rah rah. I enjoyed Metroid Prime when I owned a Gamecube, but my only experience from the Super variety came from when our very own Kelly wanted to show me a game he could beat really quick. He did, I watched it all, then never wanted to play Super Metroid, ever. Really, this is just an excuse to post this timelapse of Element79 from deviantART putting together a crazy super-high fidelity reproduction of the climactic fight of that game.

Trust me, am I ever a sucker for Photoshop timelapses. I have no doubt that Nintendo could eventually replicate this graphic quality, but I doubt even these next-gen consoles could, which means it’ll be another decade. Of course, as to why Nintendo would want to remaster Super Metroid in 2023 is beyond me, but I’m sure we’ll all have 4K TVs by then.

Source: Elemental79 (deviantART) via Kotaku

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