Tomb Raider Now Available – Review Is Imminent

Posted by on March 4, 2013 at 10:42 pm
I'm pretty sure that's not ketchup she's covered in.

I’m pretty sure that’s not ketchup she’s covered in.

As of about 42 minutes ago, Tomb Raider is now available to the public…Unless, that is, you shop at Tesco, who broke street date and started selling the game early…

I don’t know why companies keep doing that…I mean, you’d think getting busted and not getting any games for a while would outweigh the few extra dollars you’d make.

ANYHOOZLE…Tomb Raider is now available and the official review will be up…

…Shortly. We’ve got the PC version in our hot little hands, thanks to the fine folks at Square Enix and will be reviewing it over the next few days. This is particularly exciting for me, since I am going to be the one doing the review, which means I get to play the whole thing through, take gameplay footage and generally have a great time with the game.

It kinda sucks for me, too, because Nick will be reviewing Sim City over the next few days…It’s a trade off, to me, because I’ve been super excited about both games for quite some time. At first, I was thinking about just punching Nick in the man-marbles and stealing Sim City but he’s more of a Sim City fan than I am so I’ll let him have this one.

You’re lucky, Nick.

Check back in around Friday-ish for the full review. We’ll give you the straight skinny, as you should know, so look no further than here.

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