Bioware Co-Founder Gary Zeschuk Defends Everything Bioware Did, Says EA Not To Blame

Posted by on April 10, 2013 at 11:32 am

Star Wars: The Old Republic shouldn’t be blamed for bringing down John Riccitello, Zeshuk says.

Post-Electronic Arts Bioware has been the subject of a lot of controversy over the years. Once known as a nearly flawless golden standard in the vein of Blizzard or the late LucasArts, Bioware has been under some intense scrutiny because of a variety of choices the company made. Calm as a cucumber, Gary Zeschuk, one half of Two Doctors That Founded Bioware, denies that Electronic Arts influenced their brand or ruined their fortunes after the acquisition, despite having quit the company last year amongst popular suspicions that they were doing just that.

I’m not even a big Bioware fan and reading GamesIndustry’s interview with the man seems frustrating. The Mass Effect 3 ending and its subsequent patchup? That bizarre Bioware Victory branding? Rushing out Dragon Age 2? Star Wars: The Old Republic‘s fantastic and massive failure not being a key component in the ouster of EA CEO John Riccitello? Not a big deal, says Zeschuk, who now blogs about beer. Can you envy him? He’s made his money and he’s doing what he loves, I’d want to deny the fact-of-the-matter goings on as well. But Zeschuk adamantly denies Electronic Arts being trouble and says Bioware fought for every inch they received. This doesn’t seem to jibe well with the common theories that the internet subscribes to as Zeschuk details a happy marriage between the companies.

So who are we to believe? The man who was actually there or the end product(s)?

Source: GamesIndustry

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